Pin Brazing Equipment

تجهیزات پین بریزینگ

Pin brazing is one of the methods of connecting cable to pipe in cathodic protection. The method of connection by pin brazing device is that by making an arc between the pin and the structure, the silver alloy of pin surface is fused and the cable is connected to the structure. To connect the pin to the structure of an arc with a temperature of 700 °C is required. Since the pins are silver plated, the connection will have low electrical resistance.

The brazing consists of an electric arc generator, batteries and a special gun. Each welding requires a cable shoe, pin, and ceramic gasket to fit the connection cable.

The benefits of pin brazing over thermite welding can be reduced error probability compared to thermite welding, creating less heat, possibility to do it in rainy weather and high speed connection. Instead, the high cost of pin brazing (through its accessories) is mainly due to the less reluctance to use this method.

 View of pin brazing equipmentView of pin brazing equipment

View of pin brazing equipment

Borna Electronics Co. declares its readiness to supply equipment and construction of cathodic protection cable connection by pin brazing method based on the requests of respected clients or project needs.