Corrosion Monitoring

To increase safety, reduce environmental impacts, reduce operating costs including reduce maintenance / inspection costs and minimize off-schedule sudden shutdowns, optimize the efficacy of inhibitor injection speed processes, oxygen concentration and fluid velocity, and investigate the impact of operational / unexpected changes, corrosion and corrosion rate control programs applied to the system must be continuously monitored and evaluated.

Corrosion monitoring methods include the use of corrosion coupons, electrical resistance (ER) probes, linear polarization resistance (LPR) probes, hydrogen probes, bacterial and chemical analyzes, and so on.

Borna Electronics delivers the monitoring equipment required by various industries using state-of-the-art technology following precise control steps.

Weight loss coupons allow a quantitative measurement of structural corrosion rates in a corrosion monitoring system. Also, in some conditions morphological degradation can be attributed to a specific factor. Corrosion coupons are available in a variety of sizes and types. The size and shape of the coupons are determined by the type of used holder, line size, and placement.

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Corrosion Coupon

پراب خوردگی مقاومتی

Electrical Resistance (ER) probe and electrical equipment are basically “automatic coupons” and have much in common with corrosion coupons. Electrical resistance systems work based on measuring the electrical resistance of a thin metal element. As the metal corrodes and becomes corroded, its resistance increases. The most important advantage of the electrical resistance method over coupons is the ability to perform more and simpler measurements. In automated systems, continuous corrosion monitoring and advanced analysis methods allow detection of corrosion rate changes in just a few hours. Using this information, it is possible to timely modify the chemicals and process conditions.

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Electrical Resistance Probe


Root-cause failure analysis

Comprehensive damage analysis is crucial to prevent subsequent unexpected, costly system shutdowns and ensuring general safety standards. Our purpose is to ensure proper system operation in various environments to minimize risks associated with mechanical failures due to defective, damaged or corroded components.

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