About Us

The late Dr. Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Mirghfourian

Founder of BORNA Electronics & Borna Godaz group of companies,

Member of the founding board and high advisor of Jihad University of Science and Technology,

The elite entrepreneur of the electricity industry, a pious jihadist, and a university professor, who with the link between knowledge and industry has had lasting effects.

[ His memory is always cherished and his souls are accompanied by peace and happiness ]


Borna Electronics Company has been operating since 1984 and during more than three decades of its activity, has always been one of the pioneers in the production of industrial electrical and electronic equipment, cathodic protection systems, and corrosion monitoring and control.

For many years, Bornaelectronics Company has succeeded in obtaining OHSAS 18001, ISO14001, ISO9001 certifications for design, production, and after-sales service of all its products and services from the German company DQS.

This knowledge-based company currently produces and offers various products and services with two active factories and more than 200 employees, the most important of which are as follows:

  1. Electronic relays: Production of electronic relays and digital panel displays
  2. Design and implementation of cathodic protection: Design, supply, and implementation of cathodic protection systems (EPC)
  3. Cathodic protection equipment: Production of transformer rectifiers and cathodic protection equipment
  4. Corrosion monitoring: Types of coupons, probes, and corrosion monitoring equipment
  5. Earthing and lightning arrester
  6. Megadrive: Design and production of high voltage medium power motors (MV-VFD)
  7. Industrial resistors: Design and manufacture of industrial resistors and ground connection resistors (NGR) and NGC boards
  8. Industrial heaters: Design and production of industrial and explosion-proof heaters for oil, gas, petrochemical, and other parent industries
  9. High power rectifiers: Design and production of special and high power rectifiers
  10. Charger batteries: Design and manufacture of charger batteries and industrial power supplies
  11. Transformers: Design and manufacture of special and custom transformers
  12. Joint: Cable resin joints





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Member Of Board

Mr. mohsen nasri

Mr. mohsen nasri

Managing Director

Mr. Majid Mirghfourian

Mr. Majid Mirghfourian

Vice Chairman of the Board

Mr. Vahid Mirghfourian

Mr. Vahid Mirghfourian

Chairman of the Board and Director of the Industry Factory