Bernaelectronics is on the vendor list of the following companies:

  1. Electronic system for purchasing goods of the Ministry of Oil (EP)
  2. National Iranian Gas Company
  3. National Company for Refining and Petroleum Products of Iran
  4. National Petrochemical Company
  5. Southern Oilfields Company
  6. Central Oil Regions Company
  7. Offshore Oil Company of Iran
  8. Iran Oil Engineering and Development Company
  9. Pars Oil and Gas Company (POGC)
  10. Iran Oil Engineering and Construction Company
  11. National Iranian Drilling Company
  12. Persian Gulf Petrochemical Holding
  13. Oil Industries Engineering and Construction Company
  14. Mapna Company
  15. Petropars Company
  16. Khatam Al-Anbia Construction Camp
  17. Petrochemical Industries Design and Engineering Company (Pidak)
  18. Fajr Petrochemical
  19. Pars Petrochemical
  20. Marjan Petrochemical
  21. National Copper Industries of Iran
  22. Happy Steel
  23. Khoozestan steel
  24. Iran Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution Management Company (Tavanir)
  25. Iran Water and Power Resources Development Company
  26. Tehran City Train Company (Metro)