High Power Rectifiers

رکتیفایرهای قدرت بالا

General introduction

The technical design solution meets the project of rectifier, adopt 1 with 1 rectification set (mean: 1 unit transformer with 1 unit rectifier). The electric connection way will largely decrease pollution of higher harmonic of rectifier units to network side power and decrease capacity of network side reactive compensation device; in other parts, it will largely decrease calorific value of transformer and rectifier, to provide stability and reliability.

Maximum availability to increase production

BORNA designs and builds rectifiers to the highest quality standards. Our extensive industry experience means that we understand your specific requirements regarding production profitability, and we provide a DC power solution that keeps your process available without loss of production.

Lowest cost of ownership

In an economic calculation of the operating cost of a rectifier system, various direct and indirect costs should be considered throughout the system’s entire life. Savings in operational and energy costs will compensate for the initial investment.

With BORNA rectifiers you achieve lowest total cost of ownership and boost your production through

  • Maximized availability
  • Maximized electrical efficiency
  • Minimized maintenance
  • Highest personnel safety
  • Longest lifetime
  • Shortest installation and commissioning

Technical Standard

  • IEC 60076
  • IEC 61378-1
  • IEC 60146
  • IEC 60214

Technical Features

Local or remote control: Operator controls the rectifier output values by the control cabinet.

Rapid fuse protection: When overcurrent occurs due to short circuit, the fast fuse connected in series with the main circuit immediately blow out to prevent short circuit current. Then it will send an alarm signal to inform operator.

Soft-start control: When rectifier starts up, output current will be slowly increased Linear to the set value. It helps to avoid starting up with high current causing damage to components.

Surge protection: in order to prevent lightning strike and transient voltage surge protection, over voltage and over current absorption protection of SCR components, surge protective element will be mounted on system.

Phase failure, overvoltage and under voltage protection: three phase monitoring relay will protect system against phase failure, over voltage and under voltage.

Emergency stop: a switch mounted on control panel for tripping under emergency condition.