Dummy Load

Industrial Power Resistor

Our Resistance Units are regularly Supplied for the Following Industries and application

Industrial Power Resistor

Our Resistance Units are regularly Supplied for the Following Industries and application

  • Industries
  • Generation
  • Oil, Gas and Petrochemical
  • Distribution Substation
  • Gas Compressor Station
  • Rolling Mills
  • Electric Traction
  • Testing Station


  • Neutral Grounding Resistors (NGR or NER)
  • Dynamic Braking Resistors (DBR› S)
  • Motor Starting and Speed Control Resistors
  • Testing
    • Batteries
    • Power Supplies
    • Stand by Power Systems
  • Dummy Load
  • Load Banks
  • Industrial Heaters
  • High Power Variable Resistors
  • Capacitor Charge/discharge Resistors
  • Cranes and Other Load equipments

Dummy Load

Borna Electronics Co has commenced its activities in the field of manufacturing power Resistor (Dummy load, Neutral Earthing Resistor, Dynamic Braking, Starting Resistor, Variable Resistor and Fixed Resistor) Equipment and has activated a new section under its own management since 1995.
Quality production is assured with the most qualified and well-experienced team of engineers and also well-trained technicians under employment, this section has been able to design and produce all parts of power resistors.

Borna Electronics Co load banks are the simplest, safest way to perform load test on generator or UPS sets, to be able to check the efficiency of your emergency set periodically. These loads can also be used as permanent dummy loads, to obtain, in test phase and during normal use, an optimal load for diesel engines in the presence of reduced user load, thus preventing dangerous oil leaks from the ring witch would cause more smokes, the dirtiness of the valves and reduction of the power efficiency and, least but not last, a considerable increase of maintenance times. The main characteristic of BORNA dummy loads are as follow:

Technical Specification

  • Power Capacity: Upon Request with Out Limitation
  • Possible use of resistive materials with very low temperature coefficient to guarantee stable load
  • Load distributed one or more steps
  • Load step wired to main terminal-board or with complete control equipment
  • In section of various load steps with contactors, knife switches circuit breakers
  • Local and remote control circuit availability
  • Indoor or outdoor enclosures

General Specification

  • Climatic conditions
  • Temperature: -20 to +50° C
  • Relative humidity: 95% Max
  • Altitude: 1000 Masl

Resistance Types

  • Wire Wound
  • Spring Type
  • Edge Wound
  • Grid (plate Type)
  • Ribbon Type
  • Casting Alloy

(The resistors are designed to provide added safety to industrial systems)


Suitable cable box complete with brass compression gland will be provided for incoming terminal.

IP Protection

  • Frame: IP 23 to 55
  • Termination box:IP 55

Dummy load accessories Parts

  • CT
  • Lamp
  • Thermostat & Heater
  • Wind Switch
  • Thermo Switch
  • Limit Switch
  • Measuring Devices


  • Lifting Lugs
  • Stainless steel name plate.


BORNA power resistors Will be guarantied against faulty design defective materials or poor workmanship for a period of at least 12 months from commissioning or 18 months from dispatch which ever is the shortest period.