Battry charger

Technical Specifications

  • Voltage:

Single Phase: 220V±10%, 230V±10%, 240V±10%

Three Phase: 380V±10%, 400V±10%, 440V±10%

  • Frequency: 50Hz±5%

                   60Hz±5% (as requested)

  • Voltage: 12V, 24V, 48V, 110V, 220V, and others as requested
  • Current: 10 to 1000A
  • Maximum output voltage and current regulation: 1%
  • Maximum output ripple voltage: 1% (less than 1% as requested)
  • Specifications
  • Adjustable Current Limit up to 120% of Nominal Current as Requested
  • Current Limit Alarm Indicator and Relay
  • Thyristor with Double Dropper
  • Float, Boost, Initial and Automatic Charge Mode
  • Nickel-Cadmium and Lead-Acid Batteries
  • IP 42 to 54
  • Acoustic Noise < 65db

Galvanic Isolation



BORNA ELECTRONICS CO. SA. Industrial battery charger applied for supplying DC system and for charging different kinds of industrial batteries. This system designed and manufactured in perfect exclusively manner by using full/half controlled bridge and microcontroller.


AC Input

Voltage: 220 V±10% / 230 V±10% / 240 V±10% (1 Ph) 380 V+10%/400 V±10% /440 V±10% (3PH)

Fregency: 50 Hzt5% 60 Hz+5% (Made to Oder)

DC Output

voltage: 12, 24, 48, 110, 220 (VDC) (Other range made to order)

Current: 10~1000 A

Regulation: +1% (max) Ripple: 1% (max)

Ripple: 1% (max)

Current Limiter

All of BORNA ELECTRONICS CO. Battery Charger equipped with current limiter system. Current limit setting is adjustable between 0.2 1.2 full current ratings upon requesting.

Charging Method

The charging curve is in according to the IU characteristics as per figure 1.

Charger mode:

Float Charge: 2.15-2.25 V/cell (Lead Acid) 1.40-1.50 V/cell (Nickel-Cadmium)

Boost Charge: 2.25-2.40 V/cell (Lead Acid) 1.50-160 V/cell (Nickel-cadmium)

Initial Charge: 2.65 V/cell (Lead Acid) 1.70 V/cell (Nickel-Cadmium)

Auto Charge: All above charge Mode are Selecting by operator and Monitoring by LED Signal/LCD display.

Command &Control Circuit

Command & Control Circuit are conforming customer’s application and Enquiry:

Analog controller with LED Monitoring and analog meter

Micro-Controller with LED Monitoring and analog meter

Micro-Controller with LCD Display and Monitoring:

Smart battery charging in automatic charge

LCD 4×20 monitoring display

RS485 Serial port

Monitoring capability on PC

Adjustable charging voltage setting by keyboard

Faults, alarms and protection
fail alarm protection
signal sound relay
Earth Fault
Output Fail
Charge Fail
 Reveres Polarity Battery Cut From Battry Charger
Batt. High Load &Battery Cut From Battery Charger
Batt. Low Load Cut From Battery
Batt. Cutoff
*Ripple High
Current Limit Prevention of increasing the out put Current
*Input fail Battery Charger Cut From AC Input
* Amper over meter


*According to Customer Request

Mains fails alarm and charge condition are mointoring by LED signal and LCD display and also send to control room.


Panel cubicles made from cold rolled steel with minimum thickness of 2 mm. Enclosure protection from IP 21 to IP 54. Cooling done by natural air ventilation and circulation (AN) In some cases we apply force cooling, all fans controlled by thermo switch. External painting double coating by minimum thickness of 80 micron and typical color RAL 9002/7032/7035. Battery Charger panel sizes are obtained from tabel 2.

Components and Equipment

Standard Equipment AC MCCB (Moulded case circuit breaker)

Main Transformer

Command & Controller circuit

Rectifier bridge (Half Control/Full Control)

HRC & Fast Fuse (AC/DC)

DC Filter (RC, T, .. )

DC Contactor (LOad/Battery)

AC Contactor & 3 Ph Monitoring

LED Signals (Green/Red)

Charge Mode Selector

Reset Switch

Measuring equipment (Analog/Digital)

Optional Equipment

AC Voltmeter & Ammeter

Remote contact& Relay

Dropping diode for adjusting load voltage (Boost/Float)

DC MCCB & MCB (LOG /Battery)


BORNA ELECTRONICS Battery Charger is suitable for charging any kind of batteries as below:


Sealed-Lead Ackd


Sealed-Nickel Cadmium


BORNA ELECTRONICS CO. Battery Charger will be designed, constructed and tested in accordance with: DIN 41773 NEMA PES-1991 IPS-M-EL-174 (2)