Cathodic Protection Transformer Rectifiers

ترانسفورمر رکتیفایرها

In impressed current cathodic protection systems, are used transformer rectifiers to impressed electrical current into protected structures. Performance principles of transformer rectifiers are rectifying the input AC, impress and stabilization of current into the protected structure.

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Transformer Rectifiers

ترانسفورمر رکتیفایرهای ضد انفجار

In the oil, gas, petrochemicals industries, etc., sometimes transformer rectifiers have to be installed in the hazardous zone. This requires the manufacturing of a transformer rectifier suitable for installation under these environmental conditions in accordance with IEC60079 standard.

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Explosion Proof Transformer Rectifiers

سامانه‌های کنترل و پایش از راه دور

Periodic measurements should be carried out at certain intervals to ensure the proper performance of the cathodic protection systems. Due to geographical area and climatic diversity and crossing of oil, gas and other pipelines through different mountainous, forest, desert and maritime regions and existence of steel structures in these areas, there is a need for cathodic protection stations for adjustments and measurements to face numerous problems and it will cost a lot.

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Control and Remote Monitoring Systems

سامانه‌های فتوولتائیک

Since many cathodic protection stations are located in remote locations, electricity is usually a major problem for designers and project executives. In this case, it must be powered to the desired station by spending very high costs and accepting significant energy loss, or the system designer will relocate the installation site to a location near the power grid, regardless of many of the principles and requirements of cathodic protection systems.

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Photovoltaic Systems

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