Cathodic Protection Monitoring


  • Polarization coupon
  • AC coupon
  • Polarization probe (IR-Free)
  • Soil electrical resistance probe
  • Industrial reference electrodes
  • Test Stations and Junction boxes
  • Interrupters
  • Cathodic Protection Remote Monitoring (CPRM)
  • Data Loggers


Smart Test Station

The smart test station is designed to provide a comprehensive tool to facilitate cathodic protection monitoring. As a monitoring station, this complex uses a combination of requirements and recommendations of different international standards to meet diverse conditions obligations. Using this technology, cathodic protection performance can be continuously monitored and ensure its effectiveness without in-person measurements. Indeed, remarkable reduction of periodic inspections problems and costs ​​and personnel costs are the other perks of these systems. This technology allows the controller to be able to simultaneously monitor several different cathodic protection stations from one location, and to quickly detect and troubleshoot system issues. This station can consist of the above mentioned features that are designed and implemented by Borna Electronic Company depending on the customer's request.