Control and Remote Monitoring

کنترل و پایش از راه دور

Periodic measurements should be carried out at certain intervals to ensure the proper performance of the cathodic protection systems. Due to geographical area and climatic diversity and crossing of oil, gas and other pipelines through different mountainous, forest, desert and maritime regions and existence of steel structures in these areas, there is a need for cathodic protection stations for adjustments and measurements to face numerous problems and it will cost a lot.

The use of control and remote monitoring systems can permanently monitor the performance of the cathodic protection system without being on site and ensure its proper operation. This technology enables the controller to be able to simultaneously monitor several different cathodic protection stations from one location and to resolve system problems in the shortest possible time.

Remote monitoring

Various parameters of the transformer rectifier and cathodic protection system can be measured and transmitted to the control center. Some of the parameters that can be measured and monitored through remote monitoring systems are:

  • Vac: Transformer rectifier input voltage
  • Iac: Transformer rectifier input current
  • Vdc: Transformer rectifier output voltage
  • Idc: Transformer rectifier input current
  • Vref: Potential of the protected equipment vs. reference electrode
  • Oil Temp.: Oil Temperature
  • Oil Level: Declared lower than expected Oil level

Usually, monitoring systems can be mounted on different types of rectifiers without regard to the type of device or manufacturer, and without significant restrictions.

Remote Control

Remote control of devices equipped with a remote monitoring system is possible. This is important because control without surveillance equipment can pose risks to the system. Some of the parameters that can be controlled via remote control systems are:

  • Remote turn on and turn off system
  • Adjustment and control of transformer rectifier output voltage or current
  • Reference voltage adjustment of reference electrodes and thus smart control of transformer rectifier output voltage or current

Control and Remote Monitoring Advantages

  • Measuring, controlling and storing transformer rectifier parameters and potentials and comparing them with each other
  • Automatic adjustment of transformer rectifier voltage or current
  • turn on and turn off multiple transformer rectifiers simultaneously
  • Preventing human error
  • Save money and time by eliminating periodic visits
  • Show the geographical location of the stations on the map by GPS / GPRS hardware

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