The purpose of the anti-fouling systems are to prevent the blockage of inlet gates, cooling systems and seawater injection systems, which are mainly caused by the formation of marine organisms, mainly barnacles and mussels.

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Anti-Fouling Systems Performance

Anti-fouling control panels can be used on a wide range of vessels with different dimensions. These panels contain a dust proof and moisture proof steel box with required IP and apply electrical current into the anodes. Each anode circuit adjusts the amount of current applied into the anode.

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Anti-Fouling Control Panels

Anti-fouling copper anodes is responsible for the release of copper ions and anti-fouling aluminum anodes is responsible for the production of aluminum hydroxide. The size (diameter and length) of the anodes is determined based on seawater velocity (inlet water debit), design life, and consideration of the maintenance or dry docking schedule for the vessels. Anodes can be mounted using auxiliary equipment including steel flanges, steel sheath, etc.

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Anti-Fouling Anodes