Accessory Equipment

In cathodic protection wells (deep Wells), equipment is used to install and maintain anodes inside the well, known as well head facilities. These facilities contribute to the mechanical stability of anodic systems. Well head facilities is also used to keep the anodes centered and to reduce the load on the anodes cable and to replace the anodes during repairs. There is usually some extra cable on the facilities to allow the anodes to move at a higher depth. The well head facilities consist of two steel bars with a retainer, an aluminum spool, a wooden spool and a handle.

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Well Head Facilities

Impressed current anodes are usually installed on horizontal or vertical shallow anode beds (when there is no environmental constraint) or deep well anode beds (when subjected to dry desert environmental conditions). In all of the above conditions, the anodes are surrounded by a low resistivity carbonaceous backfill, which increases the lifetime and performance of the anodes by reducing the resistance between the anode and the ground.

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Cathodic Protection Coke Breezes

The cables used in cathodic protection systems are single-core type insulated coating. The cable conductor shall be annealed of copper thread and the strings shall be of circular cross-section. Cable coating usually consists of two insulation and sheath segments. Primary insulation of the cable shall be made of materials physically and chemically resistant to the environmental impact of the service in a buried or submerged state.

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Cathodic Protection Cables